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Motorsport has been a defining passion of mine for over seven years, and has grown in intensity as attending races, following a plethora of series and partaking in the online debate has wrapped around my university studies.

As a F1 fan initially, and having had a number of remarkable experiences to attend races and meet drivers, I have had great pleasure in broadening my petrolhead horizons, and now meticulously follow multiple single seater categories, with an increasingly ardent interest in GT and prototype sportscar racing.

However F1 remains the pinnacle, both as a fan and as an aspiring motorsport journalist. F1 is such an inexhaustible source of debate and controversy, and its politics are a maddening and enthralling alchemy of cloaks, daggers, smoke and mirrors. Away from paddock politics, F1 has a greater capacity to enchant than any other category. The intractable brilliance of the drivers, the breadth of genius in each of the teams and the invariably rewarding racing product it produces provides fitting distraction from parallel political frustrations.

It is my view that motorsport is too innately exciting and laced with too much controversy for dull, prosaic coverage. That is why I have devoted this space to covering motorsport in the most colourful of terms, a blog with an unashamed megaphone attitude to comment and analysis!

– William Brierty